Transitioning to Steam Announcements


From now on patches and updates to Unturned will be posted as Steam Announcements. This will make them more visible to everyone and personally I like the formatting system better.

You can see the announcement page here: Unturned Announcements

It seems amazing to be leaving the blog after so long, considering that it has been around for approximately 11 months now. It amazes me even more that some of you are still coming back after so long and continuing to provide interesting and helpful comments! I sincerely hope to see you guys in the forums on Steam. Thanks everyone, so many good memories getting up in the morning to check comments! :D

I started writing down honorable mentions, but there are so many of you that I soon realized it was hopeless because I would skip too many important people (especially all those anonymouses). In the end what matters most is that I can now spell Edward Barrera.
    Thanks for reading! Feedback will now take place in the forums.


    Unturned Update #74


    Today I fixed quite a few bugs and hammered down on some frustrating crashes. I also believe that the remaining bugs with global saves have been fixed, but let me know if you encounter more on version

    Some people have been reporting issues with a "No Steam Found" error and you should know that it seems this is caused by trying to run the game without the most recent version of Steam running.

    Tomorrow I will be aiming to add 2 new guns.
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      Unturned Update #73


      Today I got to talk to some awesome people, put the Gold upgrades up, fixed bugs and added pigs.

      Pigs can now be found in the wild, although they might be a bit too small as I had a hard time taking a screenshot of them. When killed they drop pork which can be crafted into bacon with a fire.

      One notorious bug which has been fixed is saving properly with global saved servers, so hopefully everything is now completely smooth in that area.

      In terms of awesome people today rocket2guns the creator of DayZ said "I think what is there looking pretty promising, to be honest." in reference to Unturned so I am ecstatic about that. The youtuber known as GamersDissent/Etalyx also e-mailed me today and is going to be doing a Unturned video series with his friends!

      Tomorrow I will probably just test and bugfix.
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        Today I fixed quite a few bugs, standardized the version numbers, handed out the first wave of friend keys and implemented quite a few achievements:

        The new achievements use Steam stats which I think is pretty nifty, essentially Steam can now keep track of things like how many zombies you kill and items you pick up. When it comes out the leaderboards will start showing up hopefully and you guys can compare kills, etc.

        Friend keys are now out, so if you have a Gold account you have an extra Unturned Steam key which you can give to someone to give them access on Steam. These keys, like the previous ones, can be retrieved here: Link 

        I found a nicer path finding solution today, but I think I will wait until after launch to purchase it. This proposed pathfinding is similar to the current navmesh solution, but it will allow much larger ones and therefore bigger maps.

        By the way, ammo in guns is most likely empty or full and bambi mode spawns more loot. [Not quite as much as Gold though.]

        Tomorrow I might work on wildlife but we'll see.
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          Today I added several achievements, more crafting recipes, a better arena map, random colors for cars and a super fast roadster:

          The new arena map is more reasonably sized to improve performance and designed with player interaction in mind. New crafting recipes let you create things like canteens and carjacks, and the achievements add more goals for the game. What sort of achievements would you like to see in the future? Personally I would like to add some stat based achievements next like 10,000 zombie kills.

          This patch is available on the testing branch of Unturned available here:

          The testing branch will allow me to gradually release features like I normally do in small doses, but then make big patches to the default branch which should be exciting for everyone.

          Some of you have noticed on the pre-Steam versions that you were getting a no internet error. Sorry about that, I was messing with the website putting the links to the Steam page up.

          Tomorrow I will be adding more achievements and looking into adding trading cards.
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            Fortunately the Unity master server is back up, but just in case I now have my own functional server that I can host for a day or two whenever it goes down.

            In response to the poll yesterday I think that enough people want to have the game just released that I will go ahead with that instead. In the next week or so I will be trying to get you all Steam keys regardless of whether you have Gold so that any remaining bugs can be eliminated.

            Today I implemented some features that will help round up the game a bit more:

            The most obvious new things are two types of crawler zombies, the ability to completely destroy/explode cars [pictured above] which will then cause them to respawn as well as a new skill called immunity. Immunity increases health regeneration and improves resistance to disease.

            Tomorrow I will expand on some of the lacking aspects of crafting and model a few new cars.
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              Steam Integration #3


              Sorry for the lack of update information, as I removed the NAT posts after it was fixed.

              Currently my top focus is getting the master server [which allows the server list to work] fully functional again. I put the stuff in place to use the Steam Master server, but I now realize it is undesire-able if I'm not using Steam networking because it means you have to host two servers and several ports at a time. For an alternative I am looking into hosting my own master server.

              VVV this is the important bit you should definitely read.

              On a different topic I am interested in your opinion on the following issue: Right now Steam is full of Early Access games, so why don't we go the classy route and make Unturned a PRIVATE Early Access?

              This would mean that existing Unturned players can play on Steam regardless of whether they have a Gold account right now, but it will technically not be out. Over the course of development you would get guest keys to let your friends in to play as well. When the game comes out of Early Access it would be officially released.

              What are your thoughts on this idea? Vote on this strawpoll: http://strawpoll.me/1974073
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