Today on the stream I implemented a ton of community suggested features and tweaks such as:

  • A skill that improves your ability to mine and lumberjack.
  • Improved tree mechanics and fixed the branches/spike melees.
  • Made your arms shake when you're in pain to add more purpose to painkilling items.
  • Craft-able medicines using berries.
  • New spawn tier system to reduce grinding and add more variety, as well as to fix military areas.
Tomorrow on the Unturned 2 Development Stream at 4:15 PM Mountain Standard Time pop on to suggest more small things add while the bandwidth is down, and especially focus on issues with the map you want addressed. I think I will also put some more work into developing the skills system as well to allow more RPG-like abilities.

Thanks for reading! 

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Today I unfortunately did not get much time to work on the whole One-Week Development thing, but upon looking at the blog comments there are tons of great posts with minor ideas for things in Unturned 2 that can be implemented without worrying about screwing up other things in the game compared to what I was originally considering when I proposed the One-Week Development idea.

Therefore I think that instead of wasting time on a side project just because the game is in beta and untest-able at the moment, I will work on some of these smaller suggestions tomorrow. Not only this, but I think it's about time to get back into streaming development especially since its all your ideas I'll be working on!

Tune in to the twitch.tv/Unturned2Development livestream tomorrow at 4:15 PM Mountain Standard Time and we'll work as a team improving some of the smaller aspects of the game while we wait for the bandwidth to reset.

Thanks for reading!

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One-Week Development Challenge: Preparation

Disclaimer: This is a small project to work on while we wait for the bandwidth to reset for the Smartly Dressed Games website as adding major features to Unturned 2 in its beta state is a bad idea. It will be developed over the course of one week, and afterwards be released for you guys to play for free.

According to the polls posted last evening your top choices are Ruins/Medieval and Survival/Shooter. I think that a cool blend of these ideas would be the following:

The player is in the remains of a ruined castle on a hilltop. The ruins are surrounded on all sides by fearsome monsters such as skeletons and trolls. Your job is to defend against waves of these enemies with your trusty swords, bows and the like, all the while upgrading your weapons and creating new fortifications/traps.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I will begin development on this One-Week Development Challenge.

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I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Today I got a lot of stuff done for Unturned such as balancing, warrior perk and crates:

You can now store your items in crates which have a really nice interface where you can drag items in groups or singles, etc. All their stuff is processed server-side, so you can no longer dupe with them. I also have systems in place so you can maybe have bigger chests, too.

Thanks for reading!

I do not want to implement too many major features to Unturned 2 while it is still in beta, so I think I will do a bit of a one-week development challenge while we wait for the bandwidth to reset on May 1st. It will however be community chosen! Please vote on the polls below:


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Cool Things


Today I worked on a bit of cool feature testing, but tomorrow I promise I will get round to working on those chests you guys want so much.

These are some of the cool things:

As you can see ragdolls are now possible, and maybe be integrated in the near future. I also made a system so that item animations can have objects not necessarily in the hand, so as seen above the player can toss their weapon in the air.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I will work on adding chests to Unturned 2.

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Out of Bandwidth


Slight problem here: The website is out of bandwidth. This means Unturned 1 and Unturned 2 are offline until the 1st of May. From now on only 1 download update to Unturned 2 per week hehe. :P

Anyway I'll probably work on some other stuff this next week or two, as well as get those lockers/chests into Unturned 2.

Thanks for reading!

Unturned 2 Beta 2 Post 3


Today, thanks to lots of community reports, the massive barricade related bug got fixed! In the new version I have reset all barricades, but not structures so that people who had this bug can play again. I appreciate your patience over the source of that issue.

In the mean time it's now back to finding all the small little issues and stuff like that, and sometime soon I will start adding new content again since there are so few bugs now!


Issues fixed in version 160:
  • Fixed massive barricade related bug.
  • Ghillie suits are "grassier" due to requests.


Unturned 2 Beta 2 Post 2


Update: Currently I am keeping an eye out fixing all the bugs that have enough info provided [if you just say you get kicked sometimes I cannot fix it just from that], but most of my attention is on fixing the "superbug." It seems to be something to do with barricade savedata, so if it occurs to you please send me the keys found in your registry under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Smartly Dressed Games > Unturned 2 with the tag Barricades.

In regards to adding things like chests/lockers, or an auto-updater that will come after the game is completely stabilized.


Issues fixed in version 158:
  • Improved bandwidth of sounds/effects.
  • Fixed claymore/landmine recipe.
  • More military airport loot.
  • Fixed fire recipes.
  • Fixed repair torch.
  • Fixed server list searching case sensitive.
  • Fixed zombies/animals setting off explosive traps in pve.
  • Fixed name of wooden pillar.
  • Zubeknakov fired too fast.
  • Fixed muffler attract range.
Issues fixed in version 159:
  • Fixed floor hole/ramp recipe.
  • When using an item it replicates deleting it client side, but still asks the server for verification and a sync. This will likely fix a lot of bugs, so bans for item hacks are re-enabled.
  • On the tutorial level guns spawn with full ammo.
  • Reloading when there is no magazine associated with the gun works.
  • Fixed crafting interface showing x0 with non-stackable non-ammo items.
  • Morphine fixes legs.